About Workflow Systems

WORKflow Systems is an Australian owned and operated private company and have been providing services to Australian companies since 1998. Our network is National however is predominately based in Sydney (or aggregation point), with other major points of presence in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Our main focus is on business grade Internet connectivity, using ADSL, SHDSL and the new MIDBAND Product. using these technologies we can custom build any connectivity requirements you have for your business.

Some of our most popular solutions, include, IP-VPNs at up to 20Mbps, WANs, virtual domain hosting and server co-location.

SHDSL & ADSL Connectivity

We have one of the broadest ranges of "Flat Rate" SHDSL and ADSL plans in Australia for home, business and the enterprise. No excess charges, no download caps!! To meet the broad needs of various types of commercial connectivity requirements we segment our network into three main areas across Australia. You can choose to connect at an agreed speed (such as 1Mbbs/1Mbps SHDSL) to one of these three networks for an agreed flat rate > no more to pay! You will get different data contention levels (oversubscription), service assurance response and reliability dependinig on which network segment you choose to connect via.

Hardware & Equipment

In addition to providing IP connectivity access to the Internet,VoIP TollBypass trunks, IP-VPNs and Hosting platforms we also provide a range of hardware for network connectivity, security, QoS metering etc.

Domain Names and Site Hosting

In additions to high speed reliable connectivity to the Greater Internet you need an online presence. Our range of Online Presence Managment services such as Domain Name Registration (DNR), site hosting and DNS services are all designed to be feature rich, self maged at low agreed flat tarrif rates.

Co-Location, Managed and Virtual Server Hosting

Your commercial Internet Presence needs may go way beyond those possible with shared hosting platforms. You may require access to a secure Internet Data Center for the rack co-location of your equipment or you may require rental of your own dedicated server(s). We are able to provide such services in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Cafe and Venue Hotspot Internet Access

Own a cafe, restaurant, pub or other venue busy people frequent. and looking for a novel way to provide Interneet access and reap all the revenue benefits yourself? Community Express Hotspot solutions are ideal. For one agreed flat rate we can provide ticket controlled access to the Internet via wirless orfixed terminal access.

Network Management Layer Services

Beyond the scope of residential ISP's we provide a range of network monitoring, reporting, alerting and other management functions. We can setup a VPN for you or setup and manage a VPN for you. Setup hosting or setup and manage hosting...... Also we provide a range of routed static subnets, equipment management and other higher layer servies you may look to offload to us freeinig up your network administration time.


Intranet solutions differ greatly from general Internet access products. As we operate all our own equipment we are able to deploy a very wide range of IP-VPN solutions tailored to specific business needs. We have engineered segments of our network to support a myriad of different secure virtual private WAN requirements. Follow this section for options but be sure to contact us and speek with an experiences sales engineer regarding your particular problems and needs.


Our Midband solution is a relative new offering in the marketplace, and offers some of the highest speeds ever offered to business with solutions up to 20mbps

The product uses a number of copper phone lines to provide the services providing both speed and reliability / redundancy. Midband has extremely competitive pricing and in some circumstances can be cheap to implement than SHDSL. Midband is a symmetrical service, providing matching data speeds for both downloads and uploads.